CHARIOT: Generations

A retro space-age sci-fi
live action experience 

from The Geek Initiative | August 28-30, 2020 | Norfolk, Virginia, USA & Online Play

structured & freeform,
collaborative & competitive

Our in-person and digital drama includes structured modules and freeform play, all influencing the final outcome of multiple ships. We provide an environment for a collaborative-competitive playstyle.

Let’s tell a story together.

explore the universe,
its conflict, & its chaos

Launched in 1963, the CHARIOT space vessel remained out of contact with Earth for decades. Second and third-generation CHARIOT inhabitants believe they may be the only spacefarers–until the year 2087.

Everything changes. 

bespoke character design
for in-person and remote play

Are you a third generation CHARIOT inhabitant, a Terran refugee, an extraterrestrial, or an AI? Hackers, educators, crew, and creatives all make CHARIOT go. We provide a custom character creation process.

What life do you want to lead?


In live action gaming, you portray a character in a unique universe and play out interpersonal conflicts, telling a collaborative story with other participants.

At The Geek Initiative Larps, we welcome new and experienced live action gamers. We promote an inclusive environment prioritizing player safety and instructing participants on play. In CHARIOT Larp, you can participate in person or online.

Play Style

CHARIOT is largely freeform. While we do have set choices, meal times, and scenarios for you, all elements are opt-in. Some players will want to participate in most scenarios and escape rooms; others might gravitate towards social and political scenarios. It takes all types of players to tell this story and to accomplish story goals. 


A $400 CHARIOT ticket includes all meals, a bespoke character, access to our 1960s-style play location, and support and communication with our staff. You’ll also get to provide input during the larp design process via polls. 


Our beautiful location includes just a few stairs (ramp available upon request). It primarily takes place in an indoor, climate-controlled, single-level space with bathroom available. There is an out of game space and an indoor module zone.


In the CHARIOT universe, there are multiple CHARIOT ships out there, and each one is unique. Unable to make the in-person event? We have an economically priced digital ticket which includes specific modules, text-based comms, and weekend-long access to our drop-in room.


CHARIOT is designed for participants to play for empowerment. If you’d like your character to achieve a specific goal over the larp, we’ll work to help you make that happen. We encourage larpers to play experiences that will help them feel empowered in real life.


It Started in 1963…

Just months before the assassination of President Kennedy, Psychologist and Relelhart Company Heir Darla Carter secretly launched the first CHARIOT mission in partnership with Commander Bridget O’Sullivan. Along with the conscientious Dr. Benjamin Timmons, Carter and O’Sullivan began to draft a new constitution for a new space-bound culture. 


The first CHARIOT contains generations 1-4 in varying states of life and stasis. 


The younger generations have very different ideas than the one that left Earth. 


This CHARIOT hasn’t encountered any other life before. How will they react to alien encounters?


As the world climate took a turn for the worst in the 2080s, more CHARIOTs launched. What happens when they meet the original?


Emotional Roleplay 

CHARIOT focuses on moving, emotional, empowering roleplay experiences. The original CHARIOT crew will encounter people from new CHARIOTs that they didn’t even know existed. They may speak to aged loved ones with new technology and receive messages from the departed. Aliens, however, will introduce their cultures to the humans. What will they think?


Can you save the ship from destruction? Time is ticking. Find out in the engine room. Each team must do their best; results determine outcomes.


Experience persistent contact between remote players and in-person players via handheld devices and the computer station.


Online and onboard players have you got what it takes to outsmart other engineers and hackers? Earn speed boosts and other rewards for your ship in this scenario. 


The drama culminates on Saturday night just before the mocktail party, where all guests will get to let loose, early 1960s style. Grab your go go boots!

CHARIOT Testimonials

CHARIOT’s been ongoing consistently since 2017. Here’s what our players have to say:

CHARIOT asks you to think about the hard questions and develop innovative solutions with teamwork and creativity or digging in your heels resistance. Questions of survival, morality, and self-interest push strong character development with a healthy dose of laughs and lighthearted optimism. It’s a game where the future is always in question and in your hands. I can’t wait to play in this universe again.

Dara C.

CHARIOT: Origin Story Participant
& First Time Larper

Sometimes, you need to pretend to be an eccentric super-scientist who builds incredible super-tech. CHARIOT let me play the universe’s Doc Brown analogue for a few events as we hashed out the terrors of space travel. Come for the speculative fiction, stay for the drama! You won’t regret it.

David E.

CHARIOT Alpha Participant

CHARIOT is a well designed, sense of wonder filled interactive storytelling experience where a shared world is co-created with the other players. What would it be like leaving Earth forever? What things – and what ideas and ethics – do you take with you? And which people do you want to do everything to leave behind?

Susanne V.

CHARIOT Beta Participant 

I’ve participated in CHARIOT adventures since the early phases, before we left earth, and always enjoyed the characters I’ve played. There’s interesting twists in each chapter, but there’s also some nice character development as a few of us return and get to know one another.

JodyLee D.

Participant in over six digital larps by The Geek Initiative

Come with me, and you’ll see this world of pure imagination…” This stands so true for the CHARIOT universe, where you progressively tell a story with others and essentially build a world… no a galaxy… together.

Dylan W.

CHARIOT: Battle Stations & CHARIOT: Adventum Participant

When I saw there were space cats I was immediately in.

Emmanuel H.

Four-time CHARIOT participant and animal lover

Join us in person or online!

The Geek Initiative Larps: CHARIOT Team

We will add more team members as tickets sell. Scaling in this fashion ensures we are able to pay all game masters and writers for their hard work.

Tara M. Clapper,
The Geek Initiative

Founder, Lead Designer, Admiral Bridget O’Sullivan

Shayna Cook, 
The Geek Initiative

Safety & Accessibility Lead

Terry Crew,

Co-Designer, Lead Marketer

Could This Be You?
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Sensitivity Editor

Dan, Max Energy Games

Chef & Meal Planner


Host & Hospitality
(Site Owner)

To Be Named

AI Emotional Care Cat

GM and Writer

Added as we scale